Is Your Home Bleeding Heat out Every Winter?

When Will a House Insulation Service Use Spray Foam?

Spray foam insulation is used in ceilings, attics, walls, crawlspaces and other places within a building. It is used to prevent heat from escaping when it is cold outside, and to keep the heat outside when in the summer. This kind of insulation is in spray form, and made from resin and chemicals, like polyurethane or isocyanate’s. When sprayed, these ingredients create a foam which will expand and solidify. Spray foam insulation was originally recommended to be used by professional house insulation service technicians; however, DIY kits can now be purchased, but safety measures are advised during its application.

When this foam is used, it will coat a surface and quickly expands whilst solidifying. This material does dry rapidly, providing an insulation which is somewhat permanent and does not sag. If this foam expands further than desired, the excess can simply be trimmed or cut away to whatever size is desired.

Spray foam insulation can be dangerous for people when it is getting installed. Particles can blow into one’s eyes, the skin, or breathed in if the proper safety equipment is not used. These chemicals can irritate one’s eyes and respiratory system and cause inflammation or rashes. It is advisable for someone to put on goggles, a mask, gloves, long sleeves and pants when using this insulation.

Cost aside, there are numerous advantages to using this type of insulation. Because it is in spray form, it is able to get into all nooks and crannies, thus offering better insulation. This stops drafts and keeps a building warmer in winter. No cold air will escape in summer time either. These benefits will help reduce a building’s energy bills. By ensuring all cracks and crevices are filled, it will also prevent insects and vermin from entering a building, which will also save money on extermination fees.

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